Maplegum Ventures

Shawn O'Neill


Shawn has had a strong interest in both business and technology from a young age. After a few too many incidents of burned carpets while forgetting his soldering iron was plugged in, his mom suggested he switch to programming which he took to immediately.

Being just as comfortable discussing the strategies and direction of a business as he is at managing servers and coding applications has allowed him to maximize the value of his knowledge on both sides of the business.

He has worked across a variety of fields in his career not limited to social networks, banking, loyalty cards, and event dating sites. Most of the past decade has been spent between online advertising and a variety of startups.

On the technical side he has almost as much experience managing clusters and servers as he has writing the code the runs on them and is expecially interested in scaling technologies.

At Maplegum he handles development, operations or technical strategy with a mind to ensuring solutions fit in with the overall business stategy and plans.

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